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Single kernel analysis

Cgrains’ vibrating bowl generates an efficient sample feed of up to 500 g of grain per sample.

Cgrain Value’s patented mirror design combined with a LED-flash light system and a high-resolution CMOS camera creates detailed images.

The image analysis of the three views of each kernel in every image enables inspection of more than 90 percent of the grains’ surface.

Analysis of results

After completed analysis, an inspection report is created. The contents of the report can be customized to meet each customer's needs. Cgrain Value has advanced export functions compatible with most LIMS in the market.

Images are easily viewed and analyzed using the large external monitor. Here it is also possible to alter the class to which a kernel belongs.

By right-clicking, the image will be enlarged for more details.

Analysis of data in "Stats" menu

The Cgrain Value measures the length, width, and thickness of the grains in each image as well as RGB data on pixel level.

From these measurements, a number of parameters are calculated such as area, volume, and color information.

Selecting one parameter, for instance "Length", and then pressing "Graph" results in a graph displaying the distribution in length for the analyzed seeds.

Comparisons of distribution graphs from more than one sample are possible.

Press Clear to empty the graph and enter new data.

Exports from Cgrain Value

Exports of data; Results, Images, or Statistics

Results are exported in XML format

Images are exported in JPG format

Statistics is exported in CSV format

The Statistics export is a CSV file containing comprehensive data for each kernel in the sample

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