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Save time and money using Cgrain's innovative AI Technology .

More objective than manual analysis
When humans analyse quality visually, there is a high degree of subjectivity. Many of the methods
described for visual grain analysis are very hard to quantify in a consistent way. This can be due to
inconsistencies in staff training as well as differences in the perception of colors. The results can also
vary depending on the time period over which the work is done.
Using the Cgrain Value™, your results will be more consistent, since each kernel is inspected the same way every time at a speed of 8-12 kernels per second.


  • 2020-12-21 11:09

    New Hire II

    Cgrain has appointed Dr. Horst Grunevald as new Business Development Manager. Dr Grunevald comes from the position as Sales Manager at Perkin Elmer, previously Perten Instruments. This new role is created with the intent to expand Cgrain Business in Europe.

  • 2020-12-21 11:09

    New Hire

    Please meet Cgrains new Production Manager, Rickard Wallster.
    Rickard is a driven engineer, passionate about product development and process optimization. He is an experienced project manager and has implemented PLM systems and Lean production lines. Rickard latest employment was at ScandiNova Systems where he managed the engineering department.

  • 2020-12-21 11:09

    Interested in Cgrain Value? - Book your own live demo

    As a result of the ongoing pandemic and the resulting limitation to business travel, Cgrain offers live demos to our customers.
    The live demo consists of a presentation of the Cgrain Value instrument features and benefits as well as showing the instrument running live with samples.
    We can run our own demo samples but can also offer to run your samples.
    The demo will show how to operate the instrument, result reporting, the possibility of correction of results, grain physical data measurements, and export functionalities.
    Re-annotation of the class to whom a specific kernel belongs is performed, kernel by kernel, by careful inspection of large photographic images which will be demonstrated. After correction the final results report is presented.
    Should you be interested in participating in such an event please contact us using the contact form below or call us directly.



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