— Intended for and used by - Maltsters, Mills, Seed & Grain Industry

Innovating the Future of Agriculture with Artificial Intelligence (ANN)

Save time and money using Cgrain's innovative AI Technology .

More objective than manual analysis
When humans analyse quality visually, there is a high degree of subjectivity. Many of the methods
described for visual grain analysis are very hard to quantify in a consistent way. This can be due to
inconsistencies in staff training as well as differences in the perception of colors. The results can also
vary depending on the time period over which the work is done.
Using the Cgrain Value™, your results will be more consistent, since each kernel is inspected the same way every time at a speed of 8-12 kernels per second.



Cgrain Value™ has a wide array of applications used when handling grain:


Cgrain Value™ is used in all businesses handling grain:

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