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Fusarium in Malting Barley

Fusarium in Malting Barley

The Fusarium fungus is a serious defect in malting barley as it produces toxins as well as and it is suggested to be one of the causes of “gushing”, which makes beer spray uncontrollably from the beer bottle when opened.

The most significant sign of fusarium-affected barley is a pink coloration on the kernel.  Cgrain Value™ detects pink color and reliably identifies fusarium by obtaining three views of each kernel.

Advantages of the Cgrain Value™ to flat-bed systems are that the detection of defects uses the entire surface of the grain and is independent of the orientation of the kernel in the image. The unique design of the mirror enables the instrument to analyze almost the whole surface of the kernel. The image above shows how Cgrain Value™ can detect the pink color in the left reflected view, i.e. on the backside of the kernel. This ensures a high detection rate and excellent repeatability, regardless of how the kernels are oriented.

Save time and get objective results using Cgrain Value ™

Cgrain Value™ is an analytical instrument developed to assess the quality of grain using single kernel analysis. The instrument uses advanced image analysis and is the latest technology in grain quality control. The robust design is suitable for use in dusty environments and requires only minimal maintenance.

Cgrain Value™ analyzes the quality of wheat, barley, rye, triticale, oats, and naked/dehulled oats. Even heat-treated grain can be analyzed using Cgrain Value™. A wide range of quality defects can be detected, such as foreign grain, weed seeds, other material, broken kernels, green kernels, small or thin kernels, pink (fusarium-affected) barley, and ergot. Cgrain Value™ also measures a number of quality factors including size and color, and it can be used for determining sieving (screenings) and thousand kernel weight (TKW).

The results can be quickly and easily disseminated by connecting the instrument to an internal computer system, printers, etc. Results and pictures can be saved for future reference or to track a product’s quality. By saving the results in a database, it is possible to keep and analyze statistics on grain quality, color, and size distribution.

The manual method for analyzing grain quality using visual defects is subjective, labor-intensive as well as strenuous for the neck, shoulders, and wrists.

Cgrain Value™ is objective, easy to use, and reduces the need for manual labor, so an additional benefit of Cgrain Value™ is an improved working environment.

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