— Intended for and used by - Maltsters, Mills, Seed & Grain Industry

Foreign Seeds

Determination of other seeds by number

The Seedscanner is developed using the latest technology to reduce the work involved in the Determination of other seeds by number in cereal species. The machine reduces manual labour by 90%. The cereals included are wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale.

The Seedscanner improves your staff’s working environment and reduces large amounts of monotonous manual work. Staff gets a more varied job and fewer samples to process. The Seedscanner has a low noise level and is designed to meet quality assurance requirements.

A robot handles the sample containers in the machine which are treated gently, avoiding any change in the nature of the original samples. The machine has a self-cleaning function and a low noise level.

The Seedscanner analyzes seed samples and divides them into two fractions. The main constituent, the most uniform, and typical seeds, are collected in the larger fraction. The smaller contains non-typical seeds including the foreign seeds. The larger fraction is considered free from contaminants and is not analyzed further by visual inspection. The smaller fraction, 5-10% of the original sample, needs manual examination.

The patented mirror design gives a view of >95% of the kernel and makes it possible to analyse the entire surface. The images of the analyzed kernels are saved and can be reviewed if wanted. Results and images can be exported, printed, and saved digitally, making it easy to review a specific test result or to send results to interested parties.